Tuesday, June 29, 2010

iPhone 4 Is it worthy of all the hype- and the wait?

It has been awhile since my last blog post. I found that I prefer the immediacy of Twitter and the ability to post galleries on FaceBook. This post is about the new iPhone 4 from Apple. I am an admitted Apple Kool-Aid drinker in the sense that I tend to like almost everything they create. That doesn't mean I don't have criticism of some of the products they make (Including the iPhone 4), but often these minor issues prove to be nothing compared to PCs and other smartphones.

Let me start by saying that I bought the very first iPhone for $599 and I never regretted paying the premium as an early adopter. As a photographer who depends almost completely on the internet for my business, having what amounts to a hand held computer has been a godsend. Being able to read emails and access the web almost anywhere has been great. Add a camera to the mix and you can appreciate why I would love such a device. I used to have to carry my phone and my iPod when on my walks. Now I have my iPhone. It has simplified my life to be sure. Being able to listen to music, check email, and make calls with one device has been great! I rarely have to turn on my MacBook Pro to check email when traveling now that I have my iPhone.

I have owned the original iPhone and the 3G iPhone. I skipped the 3Gs iPhone because I would have had to pay a lot more to upgrade and I heard rumors of the iPhone 4 in January.

What I like about the iPhone 4 -

  • The sleek glass and metal design is unlike anything else on the market. It is almost like jewelry.
  •  The front and rear facing cameras and FaceTime video chat is great for keeping up with friends and family when on the road. The built in led flash also stays on when shooting video in low light. 
  • The 5 megapixel camera that focusses very close and the 720P 30 frames per second HD video is bright and crisp. 
  • Video editing and posting to YouTube directly from the iPhone.
  •  Multi-tasking suspends apps when not in use and lets them spring to life instantly. 
  • Folders allow you to organize your apps any way you want so you don't have to go through screens of single apps. 
  • The hi resolution Retina display is 326 dpi and a major improvement. It is razor sharp. 
  • The biggest improvement for me is the SPEED! This iPhone is so fast! It uses a chip like the one in the iPad so I no longer have a lag like I did with the previous iPhone.

Having a 5 megapixel camera in your phone is awesome. The full sized file will be nearly 15 megs and could conceivably be good enough for a full page in a magazine. Here is a shot I took with the iPhone 4.

Check out the quality by clicking on the photo.

I am happy I waited for iPhone 4. It's the best yet!

Learn more about the many new features of Apple iPhone 4 on their web site.

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