Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Poem by My Mom

My Mom was a writer. She wrote children's stories and poems as part of her recovery from a nearly fatal brain aneurism when I was 2 years old. Thankfully, she survived and Thrived! She was published over 100 times and brought much love and joy to the world. We lost her 10 years ago to lung cancer. I miss her dearly. It brings me comfort knowing she lives on through her stories and poems. Here is one that seems fitting for Mother's Day.

Why Don't You Sit Down Aggie? 

by Wendy Mary Cruse

Why don’t you sit down, Aggie?
Or you'll make me a nervous wreck.
The dishes can wait till I've gone, Aggie,
You don't need to break your neck, 
trying to make an impression,
I came to see you, not the house.
Come on, sit down and relax, Aggie -
You're making me feel like a louse.
Sit down and we can chat, Aggie
Pour me a cup of tea,
And when I’ve gone, you can clean the house,


©2014 The Cruse Family