Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Please help me get blankets to the homeless in SD.

3 years ago, I was watching TV and I saw a story on the news that touched me deeply. Alpha Project was pleading for blankets saying that there were people freezing on the streets of San Diego and they did not have enough. I gathered up all the blankets and jackets I could find in the house and drove them down there that night. When I arrived, I could see there were more people in need then there were blankets. I HAD to do something! I posted a message on FB and within a day I had enough to buy 50 blankets! I reached out to Anna's Linens and they agreed to sell me their $10 blankets for just $5. I was able to take another 50 to them and last year, I brought 200! It is truly heartwarming to be able to help people so directly. I buy the blankets and take them right to the Alpha Project shelter in downtown San Diego!

I have once again connected with the awesome folks at Anna's Linens and they have agreed to sell me as many of their $9.99 fleece blankets as I need for just $4.99 until they run out! How cool, er uh warm is that?!! If you want to help, please donate at least $5 to my PayPal account (, or mail a check to me. I will order the blankets online and take them there myself! For every $10 you donate, you are providing 2 warm blankets to those who need them most!

I have added Go Fund Me as another option to donate. Just click on the link on the right of this page and you can donate there.

Update December 7th, 2013! 
I have reached and exceeded my original goal of $1500 for 300 blankets! I am close to $2000! Thank you! I will buy as many blankets as you are willing to donate for. I am told they need many more. I delivered 200 blankets last week and they were thrilled. I just ordered another 200 which should be here next week. I am truly grateful for your help. Working together, we can make a difference! 

Delivering 200 new blankets to Alpha Project in San Diego! December 4th, 2013

Here is video of delivery some of the 200 new blankets to I took to Alpha Project last year!

Your donations bought 200 new blankets for the homeless in 2012. This year I want to go for 300! 

Help me get blankets to those who need them in downtown San Diego! Anna's Linens is selling me these twin size fleece at 50% off-  just $5! That doubles the amount of blankets we'll get! 

You may also donate directly to Alpha Project on their web site here.
Thank you for your support. Last year I was able to take over 200 blankets to those who need them most. I can assure you that all the money you send for these blankets will go directly to their purchase and I will take them down there myself. I don't know if I can secure a receipt for the donation, but I am certainly willing to try if you need one!

Happy Holidays!
Thank you! 

If you wish to send a check- please email me direct at and I will email you my address. I can also accept credit cards using Square!  

Here is a link to some photos on FB I took at Alpha Project!
Photos of Blankets to homeless in San Diego.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Challenged Athletes Foundation Birthday Fundraiser 2013


Cody McCasland
For my 52nd birthday I am raising money for Challenged Athletes Foundation. Each donation brings a smile to my face. Please donate $10 or more!  This year, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary of helping others get the prosthetics, equipment and support they need to pursue their dreams of an active lifestyle. They support wounded veterans through Operation Rebound and are helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombing as well. 

While my birthday was July 17th, I am running the fundraiser thru July 31st. As in the past, I will be giving away incentive prizes along the way via Twitter @CrusePhoto. At the conclusion of the fundraiser, I will be having a drawing for prizes for all those donating $50 or more.

Thank you for your support! Please donate $10 or more! 

Update: The official fundraising campaign is over and prizes are being distributed. You can still donate using the above link. CAF provides grants to those in need year round.

Donate $50 and you are eligible to win some fantastic prizes!
 The following prizes will be given away via random drawing to lucky winners who donate $50 or more. You receive one entry for each $50 donation. One prize per person! See fine print at the bottom. If I reach my goal of $10,000, your odds of winning are better than 1 in 50

Taylor Guitars
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XTERRA Wetsuits
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Beautiful Sea Glass Bracelet from 
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Photographers! OnOne Software is providing a digital download of 
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@shownotowels has donated 2 of their unique wearable beach/bath towels!
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Brick Betty 
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Believe I Am
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