Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Poem by my Mom

Love Is
by Wendy Mary Cruse

Love is making someone smile
when someone’s down in the dumps.
Love is sending a note to a friend
when he’s sick in bed with the mumps.
Love is feeding a homeless dog
or a cat that’s gone astray
Love is something that melts away HATE
and unkind words people say.
Love is for giving and forgiving.
Love lives inside and out.
Love doesn’t care about the color of skin
or whether you’re skinny or stout.
Love is something you may or may not see
Love is something you feel.
Hugs and kisses aren’t always love
if the feelings inside aren’t real.
Love is something you can’t live without.
It makes the world go round.
Love can never be kept to yourself.
Let go—and spread it around!

We lost my Mom to cancer 10 years ago, but her words and Love lives on.